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Tennis Clubs New Zealand

There is ever something exciting taking place in the local tennis scene in New Zealand

There is ever something exciting taking place in the local tennis scene in New Zealand, owing to the many participants in the sport. There are many tennis clubs in the country, and they all aim at nurturing talent so that the players can go ahead and dominate the international scene. Here are some of the most promising tennis clubs at present:

Mission Bay Tennis Club

This club focuses on nurturing the talent of young players in the sport, and it falls under the category of junior championships. It currently has its operations in Auckland in New Zealand where participants converge now and then for events.

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As per the previous matches held, the winners in the boys 10 and under category are as follows: Sebastian Yock, Mathew Allum, Alex Heaton, Cade Nicholas, James Blakey and Hardley Queale. In the Boys 11 and Over group, we have Josh Bennett, Finn Wood, Jonty Williams, Charlie Dodd, Angus Munro, James Poh and Stephen Allum.


Several events take place during the competition, and they fall into the following categories: girls doubles, girls singles, boys doubles, boys 10 and under and boys 11 and over. In 2018, the competition took place on the sixteenth of March, and it attracted a significant number of players.

The club also hosts singles championships featuring events on Men’s B Grade, Men’s Open Draw, Women’s Open and Women’s B Grade. These competitions took place over a span of three days as at 11th, 14th, and 18th of March, 2018. In the Men’s B Grade category, the winners are John Williams, Tim Mcmahon and Jason Gilgen while in the Men’s Open Draw, the champions are Travis Scott, Paul Clamor, Craig McFall and Andre Holderbaum.

In the Women’s Open, the winners are Sophie Carrington and Cora Schulz while in the Women’s B Grade; the champions are Glynnis Carolissen, Zara Cornwell, Katie Griffith and Eliza Clamor.

The Pompallier Tennis Club

This club is another association dedicated to the nurturing of talents among young boys and girls in New Zealand, a goal it accomplishes by organizing some tournaments for them throughout the year. It has its operations in Auckland in New Zealand. Winners of the club champ category include Tess Bailey, Joe Moller, Finn Bailey and Rosie Lamiman.

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Other clubs include but are not limited to Mt Eden Tennis Club, Gladstone Tennis Club, Ace Sports Tennis Club, Aotearoa Maori Tennis Club, Burnside Park Tennis Club, Blockhouse Bay Tennis Club, Belmont Park Tennis Club, Bay of Plenty Tennis Club, Canterbury Tennis Club and Campbell Park Tennis Club.

Clubs can host matches where their players get to compete amongst themselves, or they can opt to have players from other teams join them. Having people come in from other groups enables a club to gauge the prowess of its members as well as borrow some gameplay from other tennis players. There are many tournaments which clubs have organized over time, and they have positively influenced the growth of the sport.